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The “Vancouver Smoothie”

Whey-Protein-and-Healthy-Weight-Loss137You will love this, I know it.

These mouth watering smoothies are not only the most enjoyable drinks in the country, but they can also be a great tool for weight loss as well – if you drink enough of them that is. Click this coming link for a bunch of new delicious recipes! These ever-so-exquisite smoothies come in several vibrant colors, spectacular flavors, and were created specifically in Vancouver. They can be freshly made from real fruit everywhere you go – from streets… to stores, from shopping malls, to parks… You could also make them at home too!! This link is fun and has a few colorful and healthy Vancouver Smoothie recipes..

It’s all about Vancouver

Vancouver is officially known as one of the most popular cities in all of Canada. It is a city located on the coastal seaport, on the mainland of British Columbia. It is known for its liveliness, enthusiasm and quality of life. Many aspects about this city are discussed as follows:



realestate As per the announcement of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, there has been a hike of 14% in sales related to real estate in the month of May this year. The market is balanced from about six to seven months. So, it will be worth enough to see if the prices of real estate are affected by making a move towards the seller’s market. However, there is a higher level of competition among the buyers as well.



The huge City of Vancouver is composed of several smaller communities and neighborhoods so that effective services and resources can be delivered to the people. Various projects related to neighborhood planning include Downtown Eastside Plan, Grandview-Woodland Community Plan, Marpole Community Plan, Mount Pleasant Community Plan, West End Community Plan and Norquay Village Neighbourhood Center Plan.




Kitsilano, West End and Stanley Park are considered to be Vancouver’s most popular destinations, especially as per tourists’ point of view.


a-skull malakoffARTS:

Various cultural and art activities are offered by Vancouver communities and art centers. These activities include dancing, acting and theater, arts and health projects, drawing, painting, music and singing, painters and visual artists, pottery and ceramics, photography and film and so on.


12-aha-media-films-ribbon-cutting-at-reopening-of-carnegie-centre-in-vancouver-dtesCOMMUNITY CENTERS:

These centers aim to lay emphasis on recreational, cultural and social activities of the people living in Vancouver. Carnegie Community Center, the Gathering Place Community Centre and Evelyne Saller Centre provide amazing facilities to low income individuals in the Downtown Eastside and Downtown South communities.



These theaters mean a home for various entertainment productions including Opera, classical shows, lectures, concerts, Broadway shows etc. Some of the renowned theaters of Vancouver are The Orpheum, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver Playhouse and Queen Elizabeth Plaza.




2020 ACTION PLAN: It is a strong move by Vancouver city in order to create a sustainable environment for the residents. By effective and optimum utilization of natural resources, this city wants to achieve the target of being “The Greenest City” by 2020.



Cultural diversity can be seen here which attracts people from other countries to visit and make investments, which ultimately lead to the development in the economy. As per 2011 Census, it is considered to be the eighth populous city of Canada. 65% of the people speak in English at homes, while 17% of the people speak Chinese. Here, everybody enjoys equal rights irrespective of race, religion, gender, caste, status etc. Apart from English and Chinese, people converse in Punjabi, Italian, Spanish and French as per their own preferences.



Vancouver is considered to be one of the warmest regions in Canada due to the warmth provided by Pacific Ocean currents. Although, most days of the year it tends to rain quite often. November and December are the coldest months, while July and August are the hottest months.



There are basically five cultures which played a vital role in shaping Vancouver. They include Indian, Chinese, Japanese, First Nations People and Italian. The presence of Punjabi Market, Japanese Restaurants, celebration of Powell Street Festival and aboriginal art galleries have gifted this city with distinct vibrant cultures.



This strategy is Vancouver’s strongest tool, created in order to meet the social, economic, environmental and health objectives. The major goal of this plan is to develop a sustainable food system for the people. It covers areas like growing food, buying and sharing local food and participating in the issues related to local food.



The streets and sidewalks are designed and maintained in such a way that all the requirements of the street users are met in a balanced manner. The basic objective behind the maintenance of streets is to minimize the impact of environmental issues on the people living in Vancouver.


fire-life-safety-kidsPROTECTION FROM DISASTERS:

Vancouver makes every possible move to ensure that everybody living there stays safe every time. For achieving this objective, huge investments are made and various training programs for children and free disaster management workshops are conducted to create awareness related to safety among people.

RCMP Building

It can be concluded that Vancouver turns out to be the best and the most amazing city of Canada due to the presence of diversified cultures and assignment of equal rights to every person irrespective of his or her religion or community.


Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver

Kitsilano Beach
kitsilano beach2Kitsilano Beach is one of the top beaches in Vancouver, which is especially true in summer. Activities of all kinds can be performed at Kitsilano Beach such as different types of hockey. Other really enjoyable activities are playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, standup paddling, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and skimboarding and more. Hadden Park is one of the places that will amaze any tourist out there. However, you are responsible for the actions of your puppies and make sure their wastes are put in the right places. We are going to talk a little bit about these topics below


field hockeyField ball, and field hockey

You can play field ball, and field hockey at Kitsilano Beach. Joining a team, taking a class, or finding a gym or field where anyone can play are a couple fun things to do here. Kitsilano Beach is full of activities where anyone can play hockey off the ice.



You can also play basketball at Kitsilano Beach, and booking a court for a league is rather easy. In addition, any community center near Kitsilano Beach will help you find basketball schedules, and there is easy registration for any of the basketball programs out there.



Kitsilano Beach offers you plenty of opportunities to play volleyball. You can find many outdoor and indoor courts, take a course or even join a league. If you want to remain social and active, play volleyball at Kitsilano Beach as soon as Kitsilano Beach’s volleyball courts are free.




Kitsilano Beach offers you a wide range of tennis options, and it does not matter whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner. You will be able to join any tennis club, take tennis lessons and find any court. Tons of tennis classes are offered for people of all skills levels and ages.


skimboardingStandup paddling, skimboarding, and windsurfing

Kitsilano Beach offers tons of information, lessons, rentals and locations for standup paddling, skimboarding, kiteboarding and windsurfing. You will be able to learn how to surf, rent any standup board, jump on any skimboard, and launch any kiteboard at Kitsilano Beach.


kitsilano-beach-parkHadden Park

Hadden Park is a dog park where dogs can be off leash from time to time, and water access is one of the amenities of this park. You need to dispose of a dog´s waste and are responsible for the actions of your puppy.

We have talked a little bit about Kitsilano Beach and the activities anyone can perform here. Kitsilano Beach offers you tons of exports for you to spend high haddenquality time with yourself, your friends and/or your family. You can play different forms of hockey, tennis, basketball, tennis, volleyball, windsurfing, kitesurfin, skimsurfing, standup paddling, and many other activities that aren’t even mentioned here in this post. Remember Hadden Park is an interesting place for you to visit with your puppy, but some warnings should be followed in order to have fun in this place. Kitsilano Beach has many community centers where you can find basketball schedules, which is awesome for the fans of this popular sport. You can also join any tennis league, take a tennis course, find a court, and so on, and so forth.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vancouver

written by: susmoko


Many people want to visit Vancouver today. They usually want to bring their families when visiting this city. It is believed to8163561 be one of the most popular tourist destinations in British Columbia, Canada. Before you visit this beautiful city, you should take a look at these benefits and disadvantages. Not all tourists want to visit this place during their vacation. Some of them are unhappy with this beautiful place in Canada. Here are some advantages and disadvantages that are offered by this famous city in Canada…


Vancouver_-BC_-Aerial-view1. Many beautiful views

This is the main benefit that is offered by Vancouver. When you are looking for beautiful natural views, you can consider visiting this city. It offers a lot of beautiful views, including mountains, ocean, hiking trails, and many other scenery. If you love nature things, you should enjoy your vacation in Vancouver today. Don’t forget to visit some public parks that are located in this city. These public parks are available for all customers who love nature.

Chinese dancers2. Meet diverse cultures

When you are visiting Vancouver, you can meet a lot of different cultures easily. There are many diverse cultures that come from many different countries. You can also meet other people who come from around the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Australia, and many other countries. You can also find many foods, music, fashion, and many other important things from around the world.




1. Expensive living cost
This is the main disadvantage that you may suffer from Vancouver. This city has expensive living cost for all citizens and tourists. You will have some difficulties to find some high quality accommodations at very reasonable price. Therefore, you should prepare your money when you want to visit this beautiful city.

2. Frequent rain
This city is very famous for its extreme climate. This city has frequent rain in most of its daily life. If you don’t like rainy season, you should avoid visiting this city. Winter can be the worst time for visiting this city. During this season, the temperature of this city is going to drop significantly. The combination of low temperature and extreme climate can make you feel uncomfortable living in this city during winter. It is recommended that you visit this city during summer or spring seasons. Both seasons offer beautiful scenery and comfortable atmosphere for all people, especially tourists.

This city becomes very popular among many tourists these days. Many people want to visit this place because it offers a lot of tourist attractions for all visitors. Don’t forget to book your accommodation, so you can get the best hotel or flight for your families. Make sure that you book everything several weeks before your vacation. When you prepare everything in advance, you should be able to enjoy your vacation in Vancouver easily.